Waterskiing and wakeboarding

Waterskiing and wakeboarding Waterskiing and wakeboarding at lake Burtnieks! Try waterskiing and wakeboarding! Now also available at Burtnieks Lake! Starting with the 2024 season, we offer two new entertainment and active recreation options – water skiing and wakeboarding! Two great choices and two new types of entertainment that are both very dynamic and enjoyable! If […]

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Teambuilding for companies and schools

We organise teambuilding activities for companies, school children and student groups: Teambuilding for companies and schools can mean different activities – it can be windsurfing training, SUP boarding lessons, boat trips, fishing or fishing competitions, camps, etc. Or combination of those! Teambuilding activities for companies: Windsurfing and/or Stand Up Paddle boarding (SUP) lessons for beginers Fishing or angling competition River trips on canoe boats, kayaks or Stand

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Vindserfings Burtnieku ezerā

Windsurfing and SUP lessons

Windsurfing and SUP lessons Apply for Windsurfing or SUP lessons! We teach Windsurfing and SUP rowing for everyone who is interested to try it! Want to learn something NEW!? Windsurfing and SUP lessons may be exactly what you are looking for! We offer windsurfing lessons and training in Burtnieki village, at Lake Burtnieks! Our experience shows that the best way to learn Windsurfing or SUP rowing is under the guidance of an instructor!

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Boats and engines for fishing

We rent out boats and boat engines BOATS AND BOAT ENGINES FOR FISHING AND PLESURE TRIPS! We offer boat rent in Burtnieki village, on coast of Lake Burtnieks! The boat base starts at 5:00 AM every morning! Only if the lake is frozen then we have holidays too! We have both BOAT ENGINES and LIFE

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