Boat LOTTA 360


Stabilas un ātras motorlaivas


LOTTA 360 (pictured in the middle!) Modern trimaran-type design of hull! Great stability and comfort of the boat, both in moving and standing when fishing and angling! This is a flat-bottom trimaran-type boat that has gained popularity thanks to excellent running characteristics and ease of use. With right amount of engine power easily goes to the planing mode. The flat bottom of the boat makes it easy to stand in full height, which is particularly important, for example when angling! For the LOTTA 360 model, the rear bench is designed as box for storage of belongings. A special rubber cap protects the edge of the boat port from damaging it. Air pontoons in the design of the boat provide  additional buoyancy and serve for safety! The drainage valve embedded in the hull of the boat makes it easy to drain rain water when necessary

  • length – 3,6 m
  • width – 1,55 m
  • weight – 70 kg
  • number of seats – 3
  • Recommended engine power – up to 10Hp (7,45kW)

Standard colors that do not change the end price of the boat:

  1. Green inwards and outside
  2. Dark blue outside, light grey interior
  3. Grey outside, light grey interior

If the customer wants for a separate fee it is possible to order an individual boat color solution! ALL BOATS CAN BE ORDERED IN ANY COLORS from RAL colour catalogue! When ordering non-standard coloring, price and order deadlines should be agreed separately!


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