Classic paddle boat – paddle with joy!


Pella MINI (pictured left!) is a classic design boat for fishing and recreational rides. Simple, durable and light! A box for storage of belongings is mounted into the rowing bench. Equally good with both motor and paddles! A popular model for many boat rentals. Air pontoons in the design of the boat provide additional buoyancy and serve for safety!

  • length – 4,0 m
  • width – 1,42 m
  • weight – 70 kg
  • number of seats – 3
  • Recommended engine power – up to 3,9 Hp (2,9kW)

Standard colors that do not change the end price of the boat:

  1. Green inwards and outside
  2. Dark blue outside, light grey interior
  3. Grey outside, light grey interior

If the customer wants for a separate fee it is possible to order an individual boat color solution! ALL BOATS CAN BE ORDERED IN ANY COLORS from RAL colour catalogue! When ordering non-standard coloring, price and order deadlines should be agreed separately!


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