Classic paddle boat – paddle with joy!


“Pella Nova” (pictured right!) This boat unites classic boat shape and lines with modern finish and details that are altered many times before we get to this particular set of things and elements. Rear seat has a space under it for fuel tank or battery placement. Air pontoons in the design of the boat provide additional buoyancy and serve for safety! Rain waters can be easily drained through drainage valve mounted in the bottom part under the rear seat. Boat ere equaly good as paddle boat and used with boat engine. Popular amongst boat rental places and fisherman! Additional option – keel line protector (last picture) from steel (+85,00Eur)

    • length – 4,4 m
    • width – 1,6 m
    • weight – 100 kg
    • seats – 4
    • recommendable engine power –  up to 10Hp (7,45kW)

Standard colors that do not change the end price of the boat:

  1. Green inwards and outside
  2. Dark blue outside, light grey interior
  3. Grey outside, light grey interior

If the customer wants for a separate fee it is possible to order an individual boat color solution! ALL BOATS CAN BE ORDERED IN ANY COLORS from RAL colour catalogue! When ordering non-standard coloring, price and order deadlines should be agreed separately!


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